New COLT toys release by California Exotic Novelties

Posted: October 10, 2012

California Exotic Novelties ETO

California Exotic Novelties has released a new line of toys under the COLT brand: the Bob Hager and Adam Champ replica penises, the COLT Man Butt Masturbator and Throbber.

The replica pieces are made with Better-Than-Real Plus material, and hand-finished with lifelike detail. A suction cup base fixes them in place even during heavy use.

The Adam Champ replica penis is uncircumcised, which is a first for the COLT Gear Collection. The foreskin is life-like and looks just like Champ’s.

John Rutherford, president and creative director for COLT Studio Group, remarked, “California Exotic Novelties has once again done an outstanding job capturing the essence of two of our star performers. Bob Hager’s replica is as big and bold as he is, and Adam Champ’s uncut penis is amazingly realistic.”

The COLT Manbutt Masturbator is a lifelike, super soft, stretchy stroker with an ultra-ribbed inner chamber. An ergonomic grip makes it natural to control. Made out of PureSkin, it is easy to clean and maintenance-free, meaning it doesn’t require powder to keep it fresh.

COLT Throbbers are powerful vibes that are ribbed and tapered for ease of play, according to CalExotics. Multi-speed with an easy to use controller, the Throbbers use two C batteries. They come in red and black.

Al Bloom, director of marketing for California Exotic Novelties, said, “The Throbbers are built for men. Hold one in your hand and feel how strong and robust they are. They make a great addition to the COLT Gear Collection.”

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