New collection of Prowler douches at ABS

Posted: August 21, 2019

New Prowler Douches are available from ABS Holdings. They include a trio of graduated sizes, an angled model, a rippled model, a smooth model, and a flexi-neck model.

“We’re always adding to our essentials range, and our new douches are designed for maximum hygiene with minimal fuss,” said ABS. “We love how simple and effective these douches are, and we’ve catered for all tastes with our diverse new range.”

The trio of bulb douches range in capacity from 89ml to 224ml, and the smallest of the three is also available as a standalone product in orange. The Smooth is shaped for comfort and the Flexi is said to be ultra-pliable and designed for easy movement. The Perfect Angle is designed to complement the natural shape of the body, making it easy to clean, while the Rippled Pleasure features a nozzle that combines pleasure with cleaning.

“It’s a clever way to add a little extra enjoyment to your hygiene routine, and can be used before or after play for an extra dose of sensation,” said ABS of the latter.

ABS Holdings:

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