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New cat for Cobeco

Netherlands-based distributor Cobeco Pharma has launched its new 2009 catalogue. In addition to showcasing its range of supplements, cosmetics and lubricants, the publication contains details of the firm’s new erotic lines. These include Cobeco Body Contact, available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry, Cobeco Anal Lube, Cobeco Toy Cleaner and Cobeco Pheromones Male Eau de toilette and Cobeco Pheromones Women Eau de toilette. The company is also introducing Star White Lightening Cream for Sensitive Areas, a product that is said to help remove discoloration of the anal, vaginal, genital, underarm or other intimate skin areas.

The catalogue – which also features the firm’s displays, brochures, banners and posters – comes with a free DVD containing high and low resolution images plus text descriptions of the products. To obtain a copy of the catalogue call Cobeco Pharma on +31 (0)10 29 00 991 or email [email protected]