New balls please! Scala introduces ToyJoy Spheres

Posted: December 6, 2013

Scala Playhouse has announced it has added stimulating love balls to its ToyJoy Designer range. The company says its Sphere products have been specially designed to train the pelvic floor muscles and give a pleasant, stimulating feeling. Sphere I contains one love ball of 55 grams to stimulate and train the pelvic floor muscles, while the two-ball Sphere II, which weighs 140 grams, is said to have a more intense effect. Scala says the high quality silicone shells of its Spheres result in a toy that feels soft to the skin while delivering a luxurious experience.

“As part of the ToyJoy product catalogue, the Designer Edition is for those customers who want more,” the company said. “Further design, greater comfort, added convenience… and more fun! It is easy to see that the Designer Edition toys have been created with the user in mind, with ergonomic body forms, easy to operate controls, and body-safe materials.”

Scala Playhouse already offers an extensive collection of love balls in many shapes, sizes and colours. For more details contact Scala Playhouse on 01675 430300 or visit