Net 1on1 targets bricks and mortar retailers with improved online store option

Posted: July 31, 2017

Net 1on1 is targeting adult retailers with bricks and mortar stores with its shop-in-a-box service, which it launched to the trade at last year’s ETO Show.

The service offers small retailers and new sole traders the opportunity to launch their own websites pre-loaded with Net 1on1’s catalogue, equipped with a smoothly working automated API and tailored to their personalised, customised brand image. Choosing from three different packages – basic to full works – new businesses can find just the right solution with an appealing design template, accessible admin interface and ongoing, customer support from the wholesaler.

A year on, and dozens of custom built websites later, Net 1on1 is launching a new marketing campaign aimed at existing brick-and-mortar shops. Net 1on1 MD Tony Gonzales explained: “We had a blast last year launching the Shop-in-a-Box service at the ETO Show. Giving visitors a chance to win a custom-built website with our cheeky game of Deal or No Dildo really raised our profile and we even won the award for Best Stand – what a weekend! It was all very promising and success followed with website orders piling up in the next couple of months after the show. We are thrilled to give smaller business the chance to make their mark against the biggest players of the industry, and we are extremely proud of each website that we released into the wild so far – customer satisfaction is the name of the game after all!”

Gonzales added: “We have learnt so much from the last year that we can now offer an even more improved and streamlined service. For example, we have created a comprehensive FAQ document for our customers who would have specific questions about hosting, payment gateways, the timescale of the project and so forth. Transparency and full disclosure is very important for people who invest their capital and trust in us, so we do everything possible to honour their expectations and confidence in our service. We are especially interested to hear from brick-and-mortar shops who do not have an online presence yet, as this is an opportunity for them like no other. They already have an established customer base and brand name but with a fully stocked website they can reach even more people or refer timid visitors to their discreet online shop. They can carry their store’s branding over to their new site and capitalise on their existing brand recognition and customer loyalty. They can introduce new ranges and toys through their website without committing to large quantities of stock and add only bestselling lines to their store displays. It can be their shop in an online box – convenient, accessible, reliable, and ready to take their business to the next level.”

To find out more about Net 1on1’s Shop-in-a-Box service visit or get in touch with the sales team on 01273 830280.