Net 1on1 takes on Playboy condoms and lubes

Posted: August 25, 2016

Net 1on1 is now distributing the Playboy condom and lubricant range. Net 1on1 says the products have been designed to enhance pleasure, safety and sex, and come beautifully packaged by the famous global brand.

The collection includes the lubricated Classic condom, the Limited Edition Motion condom, which features a swirl design that moves in a ‘spiral-action’ to intensify pleasure, the lubricated Dotted condom, which has hundreds of raised studs for extra friction, the lubricated Strawberry flavoured condom, the lubricated Ultra Thin condom, and the lubricated Extra Pleasure condom which is contoured and covered with dots and ribs.

Playboy lubricants available from Net 1on1 include long-lasting Long Play lubricant, the Classic water-based lubricant, Double Play 2 In 1 lubricant that doubles up as a premium massage lotion, the flavoured Strawberry Kiss lubricant, and the Warming lubricant that gives users a tingling sensation.

Danielle Warn, head buyer at Net 1on1, said: “Playboy is a great new addition to our portfolio because it’s so iconic. These products really embody style and will particularly appeal to all men who aspire to feel the luxury. The lubricants have been made with quality ingredients to enhance comfort and pleasure, and the condoms have been crafted from strong premium latex into contoured shapes and texturised surfaces that offer unbeatable sensations. Every Playboy condom has even been electronically tested in a state-of-the-art factory for safety.”

Net 1on1:

[T] 01273 830280