Net 1on1 takes on new Doxy, Lingox, Mr Nori and Tenga products

Posted: February 15, 2016

Net 1on1 has announced that it has added a number of new lines to its stock range, from leading brands such as Doxy, Lingox, Mr Nori’s Magil Gels, and Tenga.

“I am delighted to announce that we are extending our product ranges of popular brand names with the latest designer masturbators, vibrators and gels,” said Tony Gonzalez, managing director of Net 1on1. “With consumer demand high, we have updated our portfolio for spring to ensure that we are a major player in a growing trend this year for adult toys which offer more sophisticated and higher quality product designs.”

Due to strong demand for Doxy Products over the last year, Net 1on1 is now stocking the Doxy Die Cast massager. This luxurious version of the award-winning vibe is made using polished aluminium and titanium and manufactured using a high pressure cold chamber die casting machine. It boasts a smooth head with medical-grade silicone for easy-cleaning, an escalating pulse setting, LED buttons, and it comes in a padded case.

In January Net 1on1 became the exclusive UK distributor of Lingox products and introduced the Poker Edition masturbators for the first time. Due to strong early demand, the wholesaler is now extending its Lingox range to include the Triple Extreme and Triple Black masturbators. Described as the only products of their kind in the world to have a tongue hanging out, the Triple Extreme and Triple Black both boast a design which is said to provide a realistic oral sex experience. Features include an ergonomic handle for perfect grip, an air pressure system to provide suction power, soft skin-like material and a triangular sleeve which adapts to the shaft.

Mr Nori’s Nuru Gel (Premium All Natural) is another new addition to Net 1on1’s massage range. The gel is said to be 100% natural, containing moisturising and detoxifying Nori seaweed and antioxidant Grapefruit extracts. It is also edible, fragrance-free, stain-free, and comes in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle.

The new Tenga products are the Japanese manufacturer’s Reusable Vacuum Cup VC and the larger Reusable Vacuum CUP VC Ultra, which sport hourglass shapes. To enrich the user experience, Net 1on1 is also introducing the Tenga Vacuum Controller to its range. This is a battery-operated device which sits on top of the Tenga Cups and enhances the air flow, enabling users to manipulate the pressure inside at the touch of a button.

Net 1on1:

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