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Net 1on1 takes on full range of ’boutique’ bullets

Net 1on1 has announced that it has become the first distributer in Europe to take on all seven of Rocks-Off’s new limited edition RO-80 bullets. The ‘boutique’ bullets all have their own identities, including:  Purple Python, I Luv It Leopard, Gorgeous Glow In The Dark, Playful Pinto, Precious Golden Passion, Colour Me Orgasmic and Flower Power and they feature not only bright colours and patterns but also quirky additions such as glow-in-the-dark and colour change casings too.

The new bullets build on the success of their award-winning predecessors, being 100% waterproof and featuring seven vibration settings. They have already been a big hit in the US and Net 1on1 believes the new range, which comes in clean, modern packaging, will be equally successful in the UK and Europe. Danielle Warn, head buyer at the firm, commented: “It barely took any persuading at all for us to take these on. The product, packaging and pricing all make complete sense to us and our vision to push on with stocking lines which will do well at both wholesale and retail levels. These really do fit the bill.”

The new RO-80 bullet range can be seen at www.1on1wholesale.co.uk or for more details call Claire Jaques at Net1on1 on 08451 662 805 or email [email protected]