Net 1on1 and Lovehoney launch bricks and mortar initiative

Posted: July 31, 2015

Net 1on1 has announced that it is joining forces with Lovehoney to launch a new initiative for bricks and mortar retailers to support the Official Fifty Shades of Grey collections. The aim is to ensure that stores are not only driving sales but also acting as ambassadors for the Official Fifty Shades of Grey brand. Both Jim Primrose and Sebastian Gonzalez, sales managers for Lovehoney and Net 1on1 respectively, will be visiting High Street stores across the country in order to offer face-to-face support for the collection.

Sebastian Gonzalez said: “This hands-on approach is vital to both us and Lovehoney as it allows us to find out first-hand the key areas for us and our customers to grow the brand, as well as gauge what will sell best in their stores. We basically want to avoid just selling products to the stores, but keep in focus, helping them sell to their end consumer instead, as this will be the key to success. We’re going to work closely with Jim and his team on a store-by-store basis offering staff and brand training to ensure they maximise the unique opportunity that only Fifty Shades of Grey can deliver, as it bridges the adult market to mainstream consumers, attracting new customers into store.”

Net 1on1 has been distributing the licensed brand for over a year and it has become one of the distributor’s best-selling ranges. Net 1on1 has provided additional platforms from which the brand can be promoted, including prominent window displays in Harmony on Oxford Street and a pop-up shop for Fenwicks department store in the heart of Mayfair.

Jim Primrose said: “The Fifty Shades of Grey demand across the globe continues to grow and the UK is no exception. There is no substitute for the real thing, so don’t be fooled by cheap imitations – consumers demand the best and if it says Fifty Shades of Grey, they know what they are getting. We are pleased to continue working closely with Net 1on1 to help drive our retailer initiative and are already visiting retailers across the UK and Europe offering staff product and brand training. We’re advising retailers who would like to participate in this initiative to contact Net 1on1 to find out what Fifty Shades of Grey can do for their store. There are so many things happening with Fifty Shades of Grey and the brand is here to stay. Don’t miss out on what will be another exciting year for all involved.”

In addition to the existing Official Fifty Shades of Grey Collection, Net 1on1 can now help bring The Red Room to the bedroom with the new Fifty Shades of Grey Playroom Kits, which were showcased on the distributor’s stand at ETO. Retailers will also be supplied with officially branded POS retail kits, with planograms also available to help capture the essence of the brand in-store. Contact Net 1on1 for more details.

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