Net 1on1 adds three more from Svakom

Posted: April 30, 2018

Net 1on1 has added Svakom’s Anya, Bonnie and Hedy to its catalogue – the fifth time in two years that the wholesaler has expanded its Svaokom range. Net 1on1 says that its most recent additions, the foreplay vibrator toys, Candy and Cookie, were a runaway hit with UK retailers so it has high hopes for male masturbator Hedy and the Anya and Bonnie vibes.

Adding the brand’s newest releases did not require a great deal of deliberation, according to Net 1on1’s sales manager, Sebastian Gonzalez: “We have Svakom’s first real venture into men’s toys category with Hedy,” he said. “These highly portable, very stylish and reusable masturbator sleeves are unlike anything we’ve seen before. First of all, the three different pastel colour variations of the product and its packaging are just so appealing and frankly, it makes them all look like yummy ice cream – strawberry, vanilla and bubble gum perhaps? We were also blown away by the elasticity of the sleeves. Svakom has managed to maintain a discreet, travel-friendly size yet create a super-flexible masturbation sleeve that will fit men of all sizes. And did I mention that you can use each Hedy sleeve up to 10 times? 10 scoops of ice cream are always better than one.”

Gonzalez continued: “We are also excited to introduce Anya and Bonnie, Svakom’s newest vibrators with a now almost expected extra twist. The Anya boasts the signature heating mechanism that made so many of the brand’s vibrators popular, while the Bonnie is an incredibly versatile toy with multiple very different uses. Svakom has been really getting a name for itself in the last couple of years as one of the highest quality brands in the industry. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation with products that combine new, fresh ideas, outstanding design and reliable production with affordability. So often innovation in sex toys mean a higher than average price tag, but with Svakom consumers can get cutting edge technology at a price point that won’t break their monthly budget. The brand is also getting some amazing traction with the stars: it has showcased its products at the Honoring the Emmys gifting event as well as at the American Music Awards Celebrity Event, that’s some illustrious company if you ask me. With the kind of margins available on this attractive and appealing range of toys, Svakom is set to conquer the UK luxury toy market.”

Net 1on1:

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