Net 1on1 adds rainbow plug to Furry Fantasy range

Posted: February 21, 2018

Ahead of this year’s Pride celebrations, Net 1on1 has added a multi-coloured tail plug to its Furry Fantasy line. The distributor expects the new rainbow addition to prove just as popular as its original faux-fur tails, which paired a weighty but beginner-friendly metal plug with tactile fluffy tails. The Furry Fantasy range was launched in 2017 and has become one of Net 1on1’s most successful releases.

Net 1on1 sales manager Sebastian Gonzalez said: “Year after year Pride marches in the UK are becoming bigger and bigger events. With same-sex marriage finally legalised in 2014 and with a record number of LGBTQ MPs elected to Parliament last year, Britain is making good progress towards equal rights and representation. As a result, Pride weekends are increasingly becoming nationwide celebrations for the LGBTQ community as well as the general public. Of course, the adult industry has been keeping a close eye on these developments and in recent years, we have seen various rainbow-coloured and Pride-themed products being released by the biggest toy brands out there.”

He continued: “When we saw this funky, colourful tail plug we knew immediately that it will make a perfect, quirky addition to the Furry Fantasy range. We are confident that we have a brand new bestseller on our hands; the rainbow theming won’t just appeal to the LGBTQ market, but also to the rapidly growing unicorn fandom that is eager to grab anything sporting these incredibly well-recognised colours. And we offer the same generous price point and excellent margins for our customers on this new release that they have come to expect from our in-house brands like Loving Joy, Impound, Bound and Precious Metals.”

The Furry Fantasy Rainbow Tail Butt Plug will be available for retailers to purchase from the end of March.

Net 1on1:

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