Naturalove is in the air at ABS

Posted: December 12, 2016

ABS Holdings has announced that it is adding the System Jo Naturalove lubricant and toy cleaner range to its portfolio. The products are 95% organic and USDA approved. “The organic lubricant, available in original and strawberry flavour, contains a pure chamomile preservative system that gives it a gorgeous amber colour,” said ABS. “This lube enhances intimacy while it hydrates and moisturises for increased stimulation and comfort. This lubricant also contains organic agarve that gives it a beautiful long-lasting glide. This lube is toy friendly and compatible with most materials and we know that our customers will love the easy to clean formulation for hassle-free pleasure, the natural way.”

Naturalove Toy Cleaner is said to contain a natural lemon fruit extract to clean quickly and effectively. Users simply have to spray it on for five to ten seconds and then wipe it off.

ABS Holdings:

[T] 01202 868511