Retailers get onboard National Orgasm Day bandwagon

Posted: July 31, 2014

Today [31st July] is National Orgasm Day and the UK’s online retailers have not been slow to capitalise on it via social media: Lovehoney offered a Deluxe Magic Wand in a Follow & RT campaign, and also put together a ten top tips for better orgasms piece; promoted a special one-day-only discount code to its followers; Simply Pleasure highlighted its G-spot vibrators;  Nice ‘n’ Naughty offered a free gift with every purchase; Bondara ran a competition to win a box of goodies, plus members of its team recounted some of their more memorable sex stories on the company blog; and Ann Summers offered £15 off a selection of sex toys and pointed followers to its Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired stats, which appeared in the Daily Star.

Elsewhere in the media, The Daily Mail chose to mark the occasion with a profile on the ETO award-winning blogger Cara Sutra. In an otherwise favourable profile piece, the tabloid only reverted to type when it said she “rakes in £15,000 a year having 15 orgasms a week – all in the name of work”. Versions of the story also appeared in Metro and the Daily Star.

Rebecca Newman wrote a guide to making the most of the day for the Huffington Post, which was a marked improvement on the site’s 2013 contribution – ‘Everything you need to know about your sex face’, which provided answers to age-old dilemmas such as ‘What should you do if someone’s orgasm face makes you laugh?’ and ‘If a person hates their orgasm face, can they change it?’ Metro also went down the guide route, offering readers 15 suggestions to give them more powerful climaxes while the Sun went one better with its 16 tips for guys and girls – though its paywall prevented us comparing them to the Sun’s competitors.

The Independent chose to pen a rather earnest piece, suggesting there might be too much emphasis on ‘happy endings’ at the expense of the act of intimacy – a theme that was also explored in Dr Brooke [formerly known as Belle de Jour] Magnanti’s piece in The Telegraph last year. The Guardian offered up a Modern Toss cartoon in advance of the occasion while The Mirror’s contribution was a fleshed out version of the Ann Summers survey, from which the Mirror concluded that most women fake it.

There may well be many more, far more interesting, pieces out there but we’ve seen Meg Ryan’s face (from that scene in When Harry Met Sally) so many times now that we’ve lost the will to live. And for the last time, please stop sending us your ‘o’ faces on Twitter. We have no interest in them and we are NOT running a competition. Stop it.