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Mystim invites you to meet the Petes

Mystim has introduced three new products, all called Pete, for the male market. The new items are bipolar e-stim corona straps, made from silicone and featuring gold-plating, and come with and without urethral sounds.

The Petes are said to fit snugly around the wearer’s corona and transmit tingling or pushing impulses to the arc as they stretch over the tip of the penis – where all the sensitive points are. Pure Pete is the base model and the lengths of its two straps are continuously adjustable so that it can be fitted exactly to the wearer’s anatomy. Pearly Pete comes with three gold-plated balls aligned along the arc that spans over the tip of your penis while Plunging Pete features 24K gold-plated urethral sound flanked by two golden balls, to stimulate the glans from both outside and inside. The urethral probe has a diameter of just 4mm, so that it can be easily inserted even by complete beginners, and a short length of 35mm to ensure that only the tip gets stimulated.

Mystim says that the tingling and pulsating is especially intense around the balls and sound because the gold not only makes the stimulation more even but also focuses the sensation where it touches the skin. And because every corona is a little different, users can move the golden elements along the upper strap to those points where the stimulation feels best.

“Gold-plating the conductive planes has already proven very effective in Barry Bite, our bipolar clamps”, explained Jessica Hofmann, head of marketing and product development at Mystim. “The coating not only increases the conductivity, it also enhances the evenness of the current’s dispersion through the skin. Especially for elements that naturally present only a small contact area, using precious metals makes the stimulation more comfortable and focused. With Pearly Pete‘s balls and Plunging Pete’s urethral probe, we take full advantage of that.”

The three new Mystim Petes are supplied in a black metal case which also contains the matching electrode cable for the company’s e-stim devices. For more information visit www.mystim.com or email [email protected]