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Moregasm – Ann Summers’ most successful launch ever

Moregasm – Ann Summers' most successful launch ever

Ann Summers has announced that over 10,000 people have bought examples from its new Moregasm sex toys collection in just one week. The company adds that demand for the range has exceeded the Great Jiggle Ball Shortage of 2012, caused by the first wave of Fifty Shades Fever, and that an additional 100,000 units have been ordered to keep up with customer demand.

The announcement, nicely timed for National Orgasm Day (31st July), states that the Moregasm collection is set to be the best-selling product launch in Ann Summers history. As featured in the July issue of ETO, the Moregasm range features Climax Technology – which is described as a vibe motor which generates low frequency sound waves which travel deeper through the body. Ann Summers claims the waves resonate through 15,000 nerve endings – which the retailer says is twice as many as any other vibe on the market. Ann Summers is so confident that its Climax Technology guarantees consumers their longest and strongest climax that it is offering a money back guarantee if it fails to hit the spot.


In one week, annsummers.com has seen 130,000 page views on the Moregasm product page and the retailer says people are also spending +58% more time spent browsing Moregasm compared to other products.

The retailer gave Moregasm products to 100 independent sex toy testers* and it says the results revealed that: 96% of those who tried the Moregasm collection achieved an orgasm; a further 92% claimed they had their deepest, longest climax with Moregasm compared to other sex toys they’ve used; 75% of users claim they felt the vibrations as far up as their chest and as low as their knees and toes; 82% claim they felt the vibrations in their nipples and belly button and a further 65% felt the frequency travel through their ribs; over half said they could feel the vibrations in their spine during use; the average number of orgasms achieved during one session using Moregasm was two – the most orgasms achieved by one user was 6; 98% of men who used the Moregasm cock ring experienced their best orgasm compared to other cock rings they’ve used in the past; and 94% said they would recommend Moregasm to a friend.

Ann Summers CEO Jacqueline Gold said: “Although Ann Summers have been providing women with multiple orgasms for the past 30 years, I am incredibly proud of how far our sex toy innovation has evolved over the past three decades. Our Moregasm collection encompasses everything that our brand is about – it’s unique, daring and is all about customer satisfaction. We are so confident that our customers will experience their most intense orgasm ever, we are offering a money back guarantee if it doesn’t hit the spot. This innovative collection further stamps our authority on the sex toy marketplace and will continue to encourage our customers to take control of their sex lives and feel empowered in the bedroom.”

* The average age of the female users was 25-34. 50% tested the product with a partner, 49% went solo.