More rude food on the menu at Kheper

Posted: June 3, 2019

Kheper has announced it is expanding its line of edibles and gums to now include lollipops – or suckers, as the company prefers to call them. Rainbow Dick Suckers is a set of six flavoured penis-shaped suckers and the F*ck You sucker can perhaps best be described as a middle finger on a stick.

The packs of Rainbow Dick Suckers include strawberry, orange, banana, lime, blue raspberry, and grape flavours, and Kheper claims they will be perfect for Pride celebrations as well as hen parties. And they are just 30 calories each. The F*ck You Sucker is currently available in strawberry flavour and this more substantial treat weighs in at 80 calories.

“Fun novelty candies and gums have been a section for us with a high demand for new ideas lately,” said Kheper CEO Brian Pellham. “We love also that we can share these items in time for Pride celebrations as well. Rainbow items and fun kitschy items like these have really become a lot more popular lately with our customers.”

Kheper products are available in Europe through Creative Conceptions and Tonga.