More Loving Sex for Alexander

Posted: November 26, 2009

The Alexander Institute has announced the release of three new sexual education DVDs, all of which have been given BBFC R18 certification. The titles, published under the Loving Sex brand, are: The Art of Advanced Oral Sex, Advanced Toys for Great Sex and The Art of Erotic Spanking & Bondage. Each DVD includes unique features such as subtitles for the hearing impaired and an on-screen sex encyclopedia. They are multi-lingual, with English, Spanish, German and French audio and menus.

A spokesperson for The Alexander Institute said: “The programmes feature real couples in real life situations, often in their own home, making the sex more truly erotic than in porno films. World-renowned educators, therapists and best-selling authors develop the Loving Sex series, geared toward couples and especially appealing to women. The DVDs function as an effective catalyst for couples to start a conversation about what they watch and hopefully experiment with it, enhancing their sexuality and strengthening their intimate bond.”

Sales of the Loving Sex series have been growing steadily in the UK, according to the producers, and even the 18 versions of their programmes are described as “very hot”. 18 certificate versions of the three new titles will be released in the spring of 2010.

The company says that Voyeur, the most popular erotic TV series on Direct TV in the US, is also now available on DVD in the UK. Each of the six volumes is 90 minutes long.

The Loving Sex DVDs in BBFC 18 and in BBFC R18 will be available shortly through two major UK distributors. In the meantime orders are sent from the Alexander Institute’s warehouse in Holland. Orders and enquiries should be directed to