More hosiery options from Ballerina

Posted: May 3, 2019

Alterego Lingerie has added four new lines from Ballerina, following the brand’s launch of its Blue Night collection, which introduced a number of hold ups to the catalogue.

Alterego’s Rebecca Johnston said: “Ballerina 457 are hot and quirky tights in black and skin tone, with an exciting addition of fiery red. They feature a lovely swirly pattern at the knee, finished with a contrasting faux red suspender across the skin panel onto the top of the tights and with little black dots sewn into the red stripes and horizontal black stripes at the crotch. They also have a thick waistband. The lighter part of the tights is 20 denier and the bolder pattern is 60 denier. This product is presented in luxury embossed packaging with a picture insert. Perfect design for bedroom wear, and any lingerie items which are red or black.”

She added: “There is also 464, an extravagant pair of hold ups in black and turquoise. The main feature is a fancy turquoise lace trim band which sits at the top of the hold ups and found within are two silicone strips on the inside. 468 is a gorgeous pair of hold ups featuring a classy swirl design at the top of the thigh along with small criss-cross imprinting on the leg and also a stripe design. Finally, 479 is a pair of black hold ups with a purple and pink lace trim band which sits at the top.”

Rebecca concluded: “There is a huge market for hosiery now within the ETO sector, with many customers adding to their purchase of lingerie to finish off the look. They have good mark ups for the retailers too, so if anyone out there in ETO land wants more information, please do give me a call.”

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