‘More for your money’ from ABS

Posted: September 28, 2009

ABS has announced that a swing in the exchange rate over the last four months has allowed it to issue new lower prices to its customers. In February this year the company decided that the fairest way to work out its prices was to review them every four months rather than stick to a ‘standard’ rate.

ABS Customer Service Manager Kate Hodgson-Egan explained: “We hold four months worth of stock in the warehouse and with lead times from China we know exactly what rate that stock was purchased on. I feel it is only fair that we work with our customers in this way by offering them the best prices for the best products. I know everyone will be starting to stock up for Christmas over the next few months, so this should please our customers as they can now get more for their money from ABS this Christmas.”

For further information contact ABS on 01202 868511.