More fetish focus from Orion

Posted: February 29, 2012

German distributor Orion has added a number of new BDSM lines to its Zado Professional range and also introduced striking new packaging to its Fetish Collection.

The Fetish Collection is aimed at broadminded customers experimenting with fetish items and it includes items such as whips, nightsticks, chains and gags along with a number of items made from neoprene, a material which Orion says is currently trending in the fetish scene.

Zado Professional, on the other hand, is targeted at experienced fetish practitioners who are more demanding. Items in the Zado Professional range are described as being specialised, crafted from high quality materials and produced in very small numbers to ensure exclusivity. To ensure they are kept away from prying eyes they are supplied in a black textile bag with a sturdy chain attachment.

For more information contact Hauke Christiansen at Orion on 0049 461 5040 210 or email