MLK expands into new territories

Posted: October 2, 2018

The Minx Linx Kinx (MLK) range from ABS Holdings is now available in Germany and Canada. It will be carried by MVW in Germany and BMS in Canada. The MLK collection began as a low-cost range of basic products but it has experienced significant growth in recent years, and now offers a wide variety of toys for men, women, and couples.

Justin Vickers, head of global trade sales for ABS, commented: “We’re excited to have both of these incredible companies on board and stocking our Minx Linx Kinx range across Canada and Germany. It’s always been important to us to create a range that appeals to all tastes and all budgets, and this expansion into new territories really showcases the versatility of Minx Linx Kinx. We can’t wait to work with our new allies to create excitement and interest around this range and to show it off to new customers who will love its unique products, excellent price point and fantastic eye-catching packaging.”