Mistress Cards by Illicit Encounters proving popular

Posted: September 18, 2014

The UK’s first ever range of Mistress Cards has sold more than 5,000 units in just three weeks.

The cards, which were created by the UK’s largest extra-marital affairs website, Illicitencounters.com, went on sale at Mistresscards.com on the 20th August. Since then they have gone on to sell 5,232 cards with many of the different versions selling out.

mistress-cardsMistresscards.com, offered various designs – some of which targeted those already having an affair, while others were designed for married people to send to those they wanted to enter a secret relationship with. The majority of the cards sold so far were designed for men to give to their mistresses. However, one in four cards sold were those aimed at ‘histresses’.

The world’s media has taken an interest in the controversial cards, which were featured on America’s Fox News soon after launch. The international publicity has seen orders coming in from the USA, Canada, and even New Zealand.

Mike Taylor of Illicitencounters.com said; “We have been really overwhelmed by the pick up the Mistress Cards have received. The feedback from users of our site indicated there was a real gap in the market for a card like this – and they were absolutely right.

“We knew they would be popular with our 900,000 plus members, however, we never expected to get interest in them from all four corners of the globe.

“There are cards for almost every occasion – from divorce cards to birthday and Christmas cards for your pet, so why shouldn’t there be a card to send to your mistress or histress?

“It just goes to show that affairs are becoming more accepted in society as people look for something outside their marriage.”

Representatives of the company have said they are now in discussion with major high street retailers about stocking the Mistress Cards on a permanent basis.