Middleton cousin strips for Playboy

Posted: August 16, 2012

A cousin of the Duchess of Cambridge, nee Kate Middleton, has posed nude for the September issue of Playboy magazine.

22-year-old Brit, Katrina Darling, previously had no idea that she and the darling of the western media are in fact second cousins, once removed – Katrina’s grandmother being sister to the duchess’s great grandfather. Darling’s relationship to Catherine was revealed to her only recently, when a reporter left her a voicemail message. “The first I knew about it was when I was up in Glasgow doing a show and there was a voicemail on my phone from a reporter. I thought it was an April Fool at first.”

No stranger to exhibitionism, the northern girl formerly freelanced as an erotic dancer, while also holding a full-time job as a private wealth management employee for Barclays bank. Darling gained media attention by performing a raunchy royal-themed burlesque routine during the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. The notoriety she gained has subsequently landed her a six-figure offer to strip, courtesy of the pyjama-loving Hugh Hefner, who boasted of his latest conquest on Twitter: “Katrina Darling, the second cousin of British royal Kate Middleton, is causing a sensation in the September issue of Playboy.”

The savvy young lady is set to appear on the front cover of the September issue of Playboy, with eight pages of pictures inside.