Metal gear solid: more Steel Power Tools unveiled

Posted: October 8, 2015

Scala Playhouse has announced that it has added new sleek designs to Steel Power Tools, the range of premium metal pleasure providers. The company says the collection has been extended with a number of BDSM related items, including the new Vaginal Speculum.

The company said: “Steel Power Tools is a great collection for lovers who want to add a cool touch of steel to their sexual play. The new Vaginal Speculum is a thrilling addition to any toy collection and allows for some adventurous intimate pleasure. Besides the speculum, the brand also has a great selection of penis plugs, rings and pin wheels to cater to all BDSM desires.”

Scala Playhouse says that all items in the Steel Power Tools collection are made of premium, body-safe materials and although the designs have a high-end look and feel, they are said to be very affordably priced. For more information visit