Metal gear solid: EDC’s new range of cold hard steel products

Posted: February 7, 2018

The Unbendable collection of Sinner Gear is now available for retailers to order at EDC Wholesale. Sinner Gear has been created by EDC’s in-house design team and it is one of the newest brands in the Holland-based wholesaler’s portfolio.

“Sinner Gear offers a collection of cold hard steel products, specifically designed for the more experienced and extreme fetish sex toy user,” said EDC Wholesale. “The collection is called Unbendable and offers 145 quality metal products for chastity, urethral, cock & ball, anal, and medical play for the experienced BDSM enthusiast.”

The collection offers a wide range of the most popular fetish products at an affordable price-point, and included with each item is a manual and a cleaning kit. Highlights picked out by EDC include: Sin196, an adjustable speculum designed for medical play that allows users to see and discover their most intimate zones; for chastity play there is Sin075, a metal penis cage complete with lock and keys, that completely locks up the penis and prevents an erection; Sin168, a dual-ended metal hook, for those who like their anal play a little on the rougher side, which features a metal ball that can be anally inserted on one end and a practical pull ring on the other; Sin145, which features an Allen key to open and lock it, and can be used as a cock ring or a ball stretcher in cock & ball play; and Sin021, a plug and ring set designed to take urethral play to the next level by making the tip more sensitive and giving a more intense orgasm. It comes with two different sized rings (with an inner diameter of 3.2cm and 2.6cm).

All of the metal items can warmed or cooled in hot or cold water, adding an element of temperature play. For more information visit