Meet The Team

Lee Schofield


Lee is our publisher, and in an ideal world shouldn't legally be held responsible for anything he says or does. Will accept any credit unreservedly, but if you have any complaints or issues please see Dale or Lesley. Super power: verbosity, Kryptonite: Sambuca.

Dale Bradford


Dale has been editor of the magazine for all 15 of its years, so he can remember when all this were fields and the internet was in black and white. Golfing, skiing, and snowboarding are just three of the outdoor activities he has never shown an iota of interest in. Super power: implausible levels of patience, Kryptonite: too many to list.

Jacinta Williams

Advertising Manager

Jacinta is our lovely Advertising Manager and is on record as the only person to ever get a straight answer out of the publisher, so clearly she is the chosen one who was promised to us in the ancient scrolls. Super power: Smiling, Kryptonite: A perfectly mixed G&T will stop her in her tracks.

Paul Smith

Features Editor

Paul is our features editor, roving reporter and occasional Twitter ninja. Super power: teetotaller, Kryptonite: chips.

Kirsty Jennings

Advertising Executive

Kirsty is our advertising executive, sometimes scribe and social media maven. Never met a GIF she didn't like, don't feed after midnight. Super power: sarcasm, Kryptonite: six pack abs.