Masturbate the weight away with Zalo’s new app

Posted: July 19, 2019

July saw Zalo’s new app, which the company says can tell women how many calories they have burnt by masturbating, featured on The calorie-counting calculation feature on Zalo’s app monitors the duration, as well as which setting of vibration women choose to use. The higher the vibrations, the higher a woman’s heart rate — which means she will burn more calories, according to Zalo. The company estimates that three ten-minute masturbation sessions per week will result in the loss of 90 calories. That’s a whole bag of Quavers.

The app, which can be downloaded for free, can be connected to three of Zalo’s products through Bluetooth. The app also monitors how loud women are while masturbating and automatically shuts off when it senses the vibrations are over.

Zalo USA President Peter Ovsonka said that he pleased to see that the mainstream media is highlighting the many benefits of masturbation: “We’re happy that the Zalo app was able to spark this conversation,” he said. “It’s vital that consumers became familiar with the vast benefits of self-pleasure.”

Zalo products are available through Eropartner Distribution and Rimba.