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Mary Queen of ETO Show?

UK retail guru Mary Portas could be one of the visitors shopping for products at this month’s ETO Show. Ms Portas became a household name in 2007 when she starred in the television series Mary Queen of Shops, which attempted to rescue ailing independent retailers. She has since presented several subsequent series, plus the Secret Shopper programme which looked at customer service in chain stores, and has recently been recruited by Prime Minister David Cameron to conduct an independent review of the future of the High Street.

She is now filming a new series for Channel 4 which will culminate in her opening her own store in London’s West End, and the production company has contacted ETO Show organiser Jonathan Kirk to enquire about filming at the event. Kirk said: “Apparently Ms Portas is looking at the possibility of stocking a range of adult toys in her new retail store and may be visiting the show to select products. That will be a great PR opportunity if a deal is done at the show!”

The new shop will reportedly target women over 40 and will open later this summer. The documentary series following its progress will air in the autumn on Channel 4.