Magic Silk and Male Power excel at ILS

Posted: May 29, 2013

Magic Silk and Male Power, manufacturers of intimate apparel for ladies and men, have reported that they had their most successful trade show ever at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas in April.

Their sizeable display booth was teeming with enthusiastic customers throughout the three-day event. Six team members, along with regional sales reps, were present to handle the heavy traffic, which was generated in part by the abundance of new products being introduced. Four brand new collections were unveiled by Magic Silk, as well as new styles in their wildly successful Cheap Thrills and Hot Angel lines. A vibrant new illustrated catalogue was also distributed. Not to be outdone, Male Power presented eight new collections and their new catalogue supplement.

One of Male Power’s biggest successes ever is their Bamboo line of men’s underwear and loungewear. The high demand inspired the introduction of the women’s Bamboo line, which is rapidly becoming a very hot product.

The state-of-the-art booth itself also drew a great deal of attention. Dominating the displays, were many large framed canvas prints of men and women modelling the companies’ clothing. Framed canvas prints are available to customers in smaller versions, free-of-charge when they place their orders.

Packaging was  also highlighted, with colourful  LED  signs across  the  top  of  the  booth that illustrated  different garments, while brightly lit columns framed either side of the  display. Attractive models also  contributed to the booth’s appeal both visually and in a sales support capacity as they proved knowledgeable about the products they were  wearing, and offered pertinent information to customers.

Feedback received during and after the show was highly enthusiastic. “The quality of the men’s line was mind boggling,” customer, Adam Male said. “You really made my first experience at ILS a welcomed one.”

“I love the hospitality that your booth gives us and the models are great!” said Adam & Eve.

“The booth was bright and friendly as always,” remarked Sactacular Holdings. “Everyone was always smiling and assisting customers.”

But the show is never over at Magic Silk/Male Power. The companies invite readers to visit them, and discover that not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!