Luvsense London launches mirror for lovers

Posted: October 1, 2015

A new mirror designed for lovers has been created by new company, Luvsense London. Described as a unique bedroom accessory, designed to enhance pleasure and bring new depths to intimacy, the Luvvu mirror provides a sensual reflection from above and when not in use it can be easily removed and discreetly stored.

Made from acrylic so it’s both lightweight and shatterproof, the Luvvu mirror is fully adjustable for height and angle. It measures 70cm in diameter and is reversible with a conventional or red tinted reflection. It is designed to be easy to assemble and install and is suspended from the ceiling by a patent pending connector. It is the result of five years of research and development.

Luvsense London director Neil Schofield said: “Adults watching themselves and each other is ingrained in sexual culture, yet there is a stigma and embarrassment around a permanent mirror on the bedroom ceiling. Installing a ceiling mirror can be daunting and a permanent fixture isn’t always going to be desirable. The aim of the Luvvu mirror was to create a product which provides an innovative, enjoyable and discreet solution, and to introduce a new type of experience not currently offered by any existing pleasure products. The Luvvu mirror provides the perfect solution for adults seeking a new dynamic in the bedroom. Our product is easy and enjoyable to use and will appeal to both adventurous and romantic couples, enhancing the use of other pleasure products.”

The Luvvu mirror costs £285. It can be purchased from and it can also be enjoyed by guests at The Exhibitionist Hotel if the reservation is made through the Luvsense website.