Lubido travel-friendly lubes now available at Net 1on1

Posted: June 6, 2019

Net 1on1 has announced it is expanding its essentials catalogue with Lubido’s new travel-friendly, 30ml bottles of Anal Ease and Hybrid lubricants. As the 2019 holiday season edges closer, Net 1on1 suggests adult retailers should also prepare for the summer loving with suitcase-appropriate toys taking centre stage on displays and consideration given to airport regulations which require liquids to be in containers no larger than 100ml capacity.

“Lubido has been such a successful brand for us, it is really becoming the leading lubricant brand in the UK and our customers has been on the forefront of this growth,” said Net 1on1 sales manager Sebastian Gonzalez. “More and more shops are taking on this lovely, simple but efficient range due to the high margins they can expect to make on all Lubido products. We’ve been working very closely with this UK company and we are lucky enough to have a really strong and supportive relationship, so we were amongst the first in the industry to hear about the upcoming release of the 30ml bottles. We were immediately on board with the idea – our travel-friendly Sliquid lubricants sell really well, and the essentials category can always use more unique products.”

Lubido’s Anal Ease is aloe infused to help soothe and sanitise the anal area making anal play more comfortable, safe and easy, while the Hybrid edition is said to fuse the best qualities of water-based lubricants with a touch of silicone to create a long-lasting, smooth lubricant suitable for most types of play.

“The pump applicator on these small bottles is brilliant,” said Gonzalez. “It provides a much cleaner way of putting on the lubricant and it’s quite sturdy too, so au revoir to accidental leakages and broken pumps. This new size is also very convenient for retailers who post their own orders as the bottles fit in a small jiffy bag and can be posted with just one large stamp, so they’re bound to be really popular amongst eBay and Amazon sellers who are always looking for ways to cut cost to make that extra bit of margin.

“We love the Lubido brand because it removes the need for a bunch of research – they offer simple, straightforward, effective products that are made in the UK to an exceptionally high standard. What else can you ask for from your lubricant?”

The Lubido Anal Ease and Hybrid Lubricant 30ml bottles are available now.

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