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Lovehoney to supply free sex toys to councillors

Lovehoney to supply free sex toys to councillors

No, it’s not another perk of being employed in local government, it’s another example of Lovehoney’s inimitable PR machine in action. The Bath-based online retailer has offered free sex toys to Lancashire councillors who scrapped their new logo because it looked too much like Lovehoney’s. Councillors at Pendle Borough Council argued the new design, which was part of a rebranding exercise to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the authority, was inappropriate. The new proposed logo was a green heart – which some considered too similar to Lovehoney’s red heart.

Pendle Liberal Democrat councillor Ann Kerrigan said: “A similar logo belongs to another organisation and it really does concern me because do we want Pendle to share a logo with a sex shop like Lovehoney? I don’t think we should be associated with that kind of thing.”

And councillor Ken Hartley said the thought of seeing the logo over the town had him ‘reaching for blood pressure medication.’ There was laughter at a council meeting when councillor Tony Greaves – joking about Pendle’s rainy climate – said the Lovehoney website sold waterproof vibrators.

Lovehoney co-owner Richard Longhurt said the Pendle debate was good news for the firm: “For us it’s absolutely wonderful that Lovehoney is being noticed,” he said. “This just shows how far we have reached into the fabric of society – at least in Pendle. I think it’s disappointing they decided not to go with it. Lovehoney is about sexual health. A fun and fulfilled sex life is an important part of your general well-being, like going to the gym or eating your five-a-day, but more fun. I can understand though perhaps a council in association with Lovehoney would be inappropriate but only people who know Lovehoney might make the connection.”

Lovehoney has offered a free sex toy to any councillor who objected to the new design.