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Lovehoney survey reports on the haves and the have-not-so-muchs

Lovehoney survey reports on the haves and the have-not-so-muchs

What do you want – more money or more sex? It’s one or the other, according to the results of a recent Lovehoney survey of 1,600 of its customers. Apparently  54% of workers on a mid-range salary have sex several times a week – while a third of people on over £50,000 do it only once a week. There are compensations though, as high earners tend to be more adventurous – almost a quarter of people on £50k incomes have had a threesome.

The survey says that 4% of high earners have sex every day, a figure that triples for low earners, and twice as many of the latter rated their sex drive as 10/10.

Other findings include: the lowest earners have taken the most inspiration from hit erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, with 40% trying and enjoying bondage; four-fifths of high earners have sex with their partners going on top (while two-thirds of low earners choose to be in the sexual driving seat); more high earners have had a one-night stand (and 83% of them have had sex outdoors), and twice as many high earners as lower earners have shagged a celeb.

A Lovehoney spokesman said: “High earners generally tend to work longer hours or put more time into thinking about their careers – so it makes sense they are having sex less regularly. It also means they will often put less emphasis on maintaining a relationship, which explains why they have more one-night stands, taking the opportunity for a little no-strings intimacy when they can grab it.

“Higher earners also tend to be bigger risk-takers by nature, so the high number of those sampling sex outside follows. It’s great to see from this research that lower earners, who tend to have more longer term partners, are keeping their love lives fresh by trying out new things – such as bondage – in the bedroom. At Lovehoney, we’re all about people experimenting. With everyone across the board agreeing that they rate themselves a seven for skills and an average of eight for sex drive, it’s great to see that Brits are pretty content with their sex lives – however and how often they are exploring it!”


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