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LoveHoney names Britian’s sexiest towns

LoveHoney has created what it is calling an interactive sex map of the UK, based on an anonymous sample of more than half a million orders placed on the site. This data was then aggregated into regions that match population statistics taken from the UK Census.

The result is www.uksexmap.co.uk and it allows visitors to see how much their town spends on sex toys compared to the national average, how their town compares to local rivals and even the top ten products bought in that town (from LoveHoney).

According to LoveHoney’s estimates, the average UK adult spends £6.57 on their sex lives every year, suggesting the overall size of the market for lingerie, adult toys and gifts is £315m.

LoveHoney states that Britain’s Top Ten Towns for sexy spending (times the national average) are:

1. Upminster – 10.8x
2. Durham – 7.2x
3. Bangor (County Down) – 5.7x
4. Newtonwnards – 4.9x
5. Norwich – 3.7x
6. Reading – 3.4x
7. Bishop Auckland- 3.4x
8. Lincoln – 3.2x
9. Cambridge – 3.2x
10. Bristol – 3.1x

Caledon in Northern Ireland was named as Britain’s least sexy town – people there spend just a fifth of the national average on their sex lives.