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LoveHoney enters party plan sector

Online retailer LoveHoney is entering the home party market after making a ‘six-figure’ investment in lingerie and sex toy party plan company BlueBella.

“LoveHoney and BlueBella are perfectly placed to give modern women a fresh alternative to the tacky adult home parties they’ve had until now,” said LoveHoney founder Richard Longhurst. “At a BlueBella party, women can discover quality lingerie and sensual products in a relaxing and entertaining environment without fear of embarrassment.”

BlueBella founder Emily Bendell added: “Companies such as Jamie at Home and the Body Shop have shown that there is a huge demand for the right kind of products at the right kind of home party. LoveHoney’s unique product range and BlueBella’s stylish approach will provide exactly what women are looking for.”

BlueBella now has exclusive party plan access to innovative LoveHoney products including the Sqweel, recently demonstrated by Philip Schofield on ITV’s This Morning, and LoveHoney’s own range of Supersex toys developed with sex expert Tracey Cox.

BlueBella has also recruited former Ann Summers Party Plan Director Janet Mudge to drive sales and recruitment.

“Janet is a fantastic addition to the BlueBella team – her knowledge and experience is unmatched in the field,” said Emily Bendell. “Over the past 25 years she spearheaded the building of a nationwide network of 7,500 party plan organisers.”

[Pictured are LoveHoney founders Richard Longhurst and Neal Slateford (white coats) with (left to right) BlueBella’s Janet Mudge, Allan Bell and Emily Bendell pictured on the LoveHoney Sqweel stand at the Vitality Show.]