Lovehoney customer reviews now top 150,000

Posted: September 19, 2016

Another milestone has been passed by Lovehoney: the online retailer, which already believes its site has the world’s biggest database of sex toy reviews, has now published its 150,000th customer write-up. It was written by a 45-year-old grandmother, who writes under the name FunLady, and she gave Lovehoney’s Deluxe Magic Wand a five-star rating, saying it ‘really is magic.’

FunLady, who wins 50,000 customer loyalty points allowing her to buy £100 of free Lovehoney product, started experimenting with new toys after being left home alone with her hubby after their three children grew up and left home. She said: “Yes, nannas want a good sex life too – in fact life has only just begun. Now we have an empty house my hubby and I have never been so adventurous! We are gradually getting every toy we can so we can play as much as possible. Winning for writing a review about a toy that is amazing has made my day.”

Lovehoney draws on the experiences of 166,000 community members like FunLady who share their honest views of toys on its website. Top reviews are selected each month to win points which can be spent on-site. Lovehoney features almost 3,000 new reviews each month – 66% of which are written by women.

Lovehoney co-owner Richard Longhurst said: “We are very proud of having compiled the world’s biggest database of sex toy reviews. The bottom line is, if a product has a low rating, we won’t sell it. In this industry, customers like to know that someone else has tried a toy and, most importantly, liked it. What is great at Lovehoney is that we have 166,000 reviewers who love sharing their views on our products – that is enough people to fill Wembley Stadium twice. That is a huge community of couples and single people whose sex lives have been transformed by the use of toys, bondage items and lingerie and want to share their experiences with other fans. They soon tell us when a toy isn’t up to scratch, in which case we act quickly to remove it. Equally, they are super-quick to pick up on a new toy which can revolutionise the whole market and become a bestseller off the back of positive reviews. It is the best type of product feedback anyone could have.”

Since Lovehoney’s first review 11 years ago, the most heavily reviewed toy has been the Lovehoney Basics Slimline Butt Plug with a whopping 1,207 reviews, closely followed by the Jessica Rabbit Vibrator (986) and Lovehoney Silver Jiggle Balls (969). The company has collaborated with journalist Jon Millward, who specialises in data analysis around sex trends, to compile some tabloid-friendly stats to mark the 150,000th review. These include:

* If you built a tower with all the dildos, vibrators and butt plugs that Lovehoney sell in a year, it would be 95 miles high (153 kilometres) – the same height as 510 Eiffel Towers;

* Lovehoney sells enough lubricant in a year to fill 268 bathtubs (26,800 litres);

* 120,000 penis rings are sold in a year – if these were combined into one giant ring, it would be 1.4 miles across – big enough to encircle the Empire State Building 20 times;

* All the batteries sold in a year could power a vibrator for 28 years.