Lingerie changes at Scala Playhouse

Posted: March 25, 2016

Scala Playhouse is changing its underwear. The company has announced that it will no longer be stocking or distributing its in-house lingerie brands, KissMe and Besired in order to make way for ranges from new suppliers, including Fantasy Lingerie.

“The Scala Playhouse in-house lingerie brands KissMe and Besired have been key features in our lingerie assortment for the past few years,” the company said. “However, to keep our lingerie assortment up to date with the latest demand from consumers and retailers, we’ve decided to shift our focus to fashionable, external brands instead; giving them a chance to really shine. Therefore, we will no longer stock KissMe and Besired as part of our intimate apparel category.”

The company continued: “The change is also inspired by the recent addition of exciting new brands such as Fantasy Lingerie, and the presence of other must-have lingerie brands such as Baci, Allure and Roxana in our assortment. We are confident the updated lingerie assortment has everything your consumers might desire, ranging from beautiful basics to sexy sets and naughty costumes. We stock a wide variety of sizes and even have brands that offer special plus-size collections to cater to more voluptuous consumers.”

Scala Playhouse:

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