Home Product News Liberator range of sex furniture now available at ABS

Liberator range of sex furniture now available at ABS

Liberator range of sex furniture now available at ABS

The Liberator range of luxury sex furniture is now available from ABS Holdings. The range of pillows and wedges include the BonBon, the Jaz, the Jaz Motion, the Heart Wedge, the Ramp, the Wedge, the Hipster, and the Flip Ramp.

The BonBon features a sex toy mount that and a moisture-proof liner that prevents fluids and lubes from penetrating the foam interior. The BonBon invites users to straddle their way to solo satisfaction, leaving their hands free for pleasure, and it can also be used with a partner. The Jaz is a positioning pillow for extra comfort and more creativity during sex, while the Jaz Motion is intended for those who enjoy a little extra movement. When placed on the curve, this pillow allows couples to indulge in a natural back and forth rocking movement for enhanced pleasure, and when placed on the flat side, it creates a gentle slope.

The Heart Wedge has been designed to support the bottom during partner play, while the Ramp – available in black or red – is for adventurous partners who want to explore more positions. Its design is said to be the perfect angle for deeper penetration and more precision and it also takes the pressure off knees and wrists. The Wedge also allows couples to explore more positions and explore each other from every angle while the Hipster is designed to perfectly complement the human shape, providing high and low curves that give a lift and optimal support.

Finally the Flip Ramp is said to be the ultimate multi-tasking sex ramp. It can be folded into an open or a closed position: when closed it becomes a rocking pedestal for play from behind and when open it is said to be the perfect height for doggy style positions.

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