Less is more with Magic Silk’s O.M.G-Strings

Posted: October 21, 2013

Less is more, and much less is much, much more according to the designers at Magic Silk in Hauppauge, New York. That’s the inspiration for O.M.G-Strings, created for those who prefer a hint of costume and a lot of woman.

The company’s daring new line offers six themed designs, each available in a regular g-string for just the right amount of tease, or a crotchless version for when customers just want to get down to business. Choices include Take the Plunge (she says “I do” and then she does); Sacred Part University (she studies the science of seduction); Critical Care (she makes it all so much better); Party for Two (very classy, and what a chassis), Dirty Deeds (your personal lust buster) and DOMinique (you’ll get what you deserve).

These micro-costumes are made from an assortment of fine fabrics such as sheer mesh, seductive fishnet, sensual lace and stretch spandex. Feature accents include satin bows, studding pearls, veil, lace and more.

O.M.G-Strings come in One Size and Queen Size; they are available in our newly designed bright and bold package and also have great hanger appeal. Best of all, the collection is available for delivery now to ensure a sizzling hot Halloween. View these exciting garments at the company’s website at www.magicsilk.com.