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Lelo considers GPS

Lelo considers GPS

Lelo has said it is considering adding GPS tracking devices to its top of the range products following a recent, widely reported armed robbery in which a £2,600 massager was stolen. The incident happened at the Erotika Luxostore in Brasília, Brazil. The store’s sales assistant was tied up at gunpoint while the thief helped himself to a Lelo Yva massager [pictured].

The company is now considering adding a small tracker to its Luxe massagers that will locate the current position of display models in the event of theft.

Lelo Brazil sales manager Eliane Said commented: “Adding a GPS tracker to a sex toy may sound like a strange idea, but in light of the recent incident in Brasília we hope that this will make people think twice before putting anyone in possible danger for one of our products. As one of the first models of massager ever to be produced by Lelo, Yva has a special place in our hearts, especially considering our upcoming ten year anniversary.”

The thief, incidentally, neglected to take the accompanying charger from the store.