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Left unsatisfied no more: EDC introduces sex toys for lefties – or does it?

Left unsatisfied no more: EDC introduces sex toys for lefties – or does it?

The following sounds very much like an April Fool spoof but you never know in this industry: EDC Wholesale claims to have launched two new toys for left-handed people, citing – though not naming – research that reveals only 71% of lefties are sexually satisfied.

It is therefore targeting this unfortunate 29% with two new additions to its PMV20 collection, Lirpa and Eno [Hmm, what are they anagrams of? – Ed]

The press release states that the former boasts unique curves for left-handed users, while the latter moves in sync with left-handed bodies.

“We are extremely excited to introduce toys for left-handed lovers,” said EDC Wholesale sales director Andre Visser. “We are all about inclusivity and we don’t want anyone to be left unsatisfied. Our design team did a remarkable job designing toys for lefties. The first feedback from our customers was already highly positive and I’m sure the left-handed community will be as excited as we are.”

If you believe this is genuine you can get more information by emailing [email protected] and, while you’re at it, please send your bank details to [email protected] as we have some magic beans to sell that we think you will love.

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