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Ki-Wi delights at ST Fair

ST Rubber held its 9th in-house exhibition from 24th – 28th June at its premises in Germany, where it launched over 200 new products. In addition to new releases, customers could take advantage of a number of special deals and packages which were only available at the fair, plus complementary food and drink. As well as Germany, visitors came from many other European countries including Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Switzerland.

“The ST Rubber staff were very busy on each day, as they are every year,” said ST Rubber’s Sabine Kuhn. “Our customers liked our different ‘fair packages’ and the special deals on offer and the shopping carts were well filled on all days. This year, our new Fantasy range of lingerie and high quality 100% natural rubber vibrators proved to be especially good sellers.”

Another product launched at the event which received a good reception was the new Ki-Wi vibrator. The unusually shaped massager sports a flexible silicone peak which lights up and flashes in time with the 10 vibration patterns.

For further information contact ST Rubber on +49 (0) 6834 40060 or visit www.strubbi.com