Kheper invites consumers to explore the joy of sext with two new games

Posted: July 24, 2019

Kheper has announced the launch of two new emoji-based sex games: DTF Dice and the DTF Card Game. Apparently DTF stands for ‘down to fuck’ and Kheper helpfully explained that it is represented by the emoticon face ‘that looks like it’s hitting on you with a sideways glance and half smile’.

The idea behind both games is that sexting is fun, so it uses popular sexting icons which can help a couple learn how to sext each other while playing the games.

DTF Dice follows the same formula as most sex dice games: one die denotes the action and the other the body part. The DTF Card Game includes 23 popular sexting emojis. The goal is for each player to build a sexting fantasy he (or she) would enjoy and the game ends by the couple acting out both scenarios.

“Learning so much about sexting has been one of my favourite design projects,” said Kheper CEO Brian Pellham. “The shapes are so funny and there are just so many hidden meanings and naughty surprises you can discover on your smartphones. I researched the games by exploring profiles on hookup sites and wow, there are a lot of dirty people and emojis out there! I love it!”

Both games are in English, Spanish, French and German. For more information contact your favourite Kheper distributor.