Kama Sutra Rhythm ‘made not only to perform but also to enhance the mood’

Posted: March 2, 2017

The Kama Sutra Company has been speaking about its decision to expand into personal massagers with the release of its Rhythm collection. “As the industry and consumer sensitivities have changed, so have our views on what needs to be done to achieve our motto, ‘making love better’,” the company said. “With over 45 years of experience in innovating new body products and as a leader in romance and intimacy, it was a logical choice to expand into intimate massagers.”

The company says it took a holistic view on what’s needed to enhance a more intimate and passionate lifestyle, and all five Rhythm models have been designed to have a luxury feel and appearance, with seven illuminating LED colours which match the seven pleasure rhythms. Bhangra [pictured] is a body massager, Natya is a couples toy, Lavani is a pleasure contoured G-spot and clitoral stimulator, Dandiya is a pleasure contoured G-spot stimulator, and Chari is a versatile multi- stimulator. All are made from medical grade silicone and they are supplied in a luxurious box which includes a charger, mini guide book, and satin pouch.

“Rhythm utilises the most powerful motors available,” the company said. “It’s a difference that must be felt as it brings an experience of deep rhythmic rumble. Rhythm’s one-of-a-kind designs are classy, sophisticated and unique and are made not only to perform but also to enhance the mood.”

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