Kama Sutra Poker: nice top pair – mind if we straddle?

Posted: June 25, 2018

Seeing a flop might be a turn off in most erotic situations but we suspect it will be integral to the latest adult game from Tease & Please, Kama Sutra Poker, which allows players to gamble their way to a night of passion. Tease & Please says that consumers do not need to be experienced poker players to enjoy the game: “The game builds up the (sexual) tension in several rounds, in which players strip, touch and caress until ending up in sexually high spirits in the ecstasy round,” the company said. “By folding, raising or bluffing at the right moments, players can influence the erotic outcome of the game and its pace. The more you win, the more you will dominate the game. Kama Poker is a perfect game for two, but additional players could provide some more excitement and fireworks. Never before has a poker game been so exciting!”

Kama Sutra Poker is now available from Scala. For more information visit www.scala-nl.com