Jobs for the boys

Posted: August 27, 2014

Hot Octopuss caused a media stir at the end of July after placing a recruitment ad in a number of men’s magazines. The vacant position was for a male sex toy tester and within 48 hours of it appearing the firm behind the ETO award-winning Pulse was flooded with thousands of applications from all over the world. More to the point, social media went crazy for it and even Cosmopolitan magazine covered it, calling it ‘the strangest job in the world’.

The official job description for a ‘Male Orgasm Engineer’ calls for individuals looking for ‘a job they can grow into’. Benefits of the role include being able to work ‘whenever the moment takes you, from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere in the world for that matter’. Candidates are required to have good stamina, be able to handle pressure, be aged over 18 and have their own penis. The winner, or winners, will be sent prototype sex toys to review on a regular basis and are also promised a lifetime supply of tissues. At the time of writing the position was still being advertised at

Hot Octopuss co-founder and designer of Pulse Adam Lewis said: “It’s been amazing to see our job ad causing a stir amongst so many people. I’m thrilled people are willing to talk so openly about their sex lives and show their interest in a job role which could help add a little stimulation to their working lives. We made history with the launch of the world’s first ‘guybrator’, the Pulse, and now we’re on a mission to shake up the job market and offer someone the opportunity of a lifetime to become a male sex toy tester. Imagine coming to work on a Monday morning and knowing you’re going to leave with a huge smile on your face. We think it could quite possibly be the best job in the world.”