Jimmyjane goes exclusively with ABS

Posted: September 25, 2014

The Jimmyjane brand of designer pleasure products is now available in the UK exclusively through ABS Holdings. The entire range, from the firm’s massage oil candles to its award-winning vibrators, is now in stock and there are a number of new products on the horizon.

“ABS Holdings has an emphasis on customer satisfaction and quality products that parallels how we do business at Jimmyjane,” said Alicia Sinclair, VP of worldwide sales and business development. “We are excited for the future of our partnership and the opportunity to provide wider access to Jimmyjane customers in the UK.”

Jimmyjane was founded in 2003 with the goal of creating products with a focus on quality, innovation, body-safe materials and an approachable design aesthetic. The brand is no stranger to UK media, where it has been called “the Apple of sex toys”, and it has even been featured on ITV morning television. In January this year Men’s Health UK named Jimmyjane as one of its 24 Biggest Trends in Health for 2014 and last month Women’s Health UK featured Jimmyjane’s latest model, the most sophisticated incarnation of the Form 2 Luxury Edition.