Jimmyjane and Pipedream star in Cosmopolitan sex toy guide

Posted: September 14, 2016

The October issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, which is on US newsstands now, named three Diamond Products’ toys as their favourites in its ‘tried and tested’ sex toy guide. The piece featured two products from Jimmyjane as well as the Wanachi Mega Massager from Pipedream Products – marking the fifth time this year that Jimmyjane has appeared in the magazine, which reaches millions of women each month with advice on life, work, love and lust.

“It is always an honour to be included in any magazine and it is exciting to see how progressive the mainstream press is getting,” said Robert Rheaume, Diamond Products VP of sales. “This was particularly exciting to see products put to the test and then be chosen based on real users’ experiences.”

For the issue, Cosmopolitan editors had “dozens of toys, 22 eager testers,” who decided on “the toys that deserve the distinction of Best in O!”  Jimmyjane was the only brand to have more than one product featured in the article. Cosmopolitan editors named the Jimmyjane Intro 2 “Most Valuable (Fore) Player,” highlighting its quiet sounds, and clitoral stimulations that come with a low price tag of $59 MSRP and Jimmyjane’s Hello Touch vibrator was picked out for the more advanced user looking to add some extra stimulation to their typical play.

Pipedream Products’ Wanachi Mega Massager was one of the stars of the piece. Alongside a huge photo, it was named “Biggest. O. Ever” by the magazine. The tester was impressed with the massager’s power, saying: “The huge head gives good feels from my clit to my inner thighs.” The product was first introduced last October and its deep rumbling vibrations, alongside its status as the largest wand vibe ever created, ensured it became an instant hit.

“We’re excited to continually see so much incredible mainstream interest in our versatile products,” said Diamond Products chairman and CEO Nick Orlandino. “These appearances are good reminders for Pipedream and Jimmyjane customers to always have plenty of our products in stock—Diamond brands are everywhere and have tremendous mainstream appeal for consumers.”