Jett refuelled: back in stock after sellout

Posted: May 17, 2019

Hot Octopuss has announced it has fresh stock of its latest release, Jett, after the first run of the product sold out soon after its February launch, giving the company record first quarter sales.

Jett is the first male toy from Hot Octopuss to make use of its patented Treble and Bass Technology, and by mid-March there were no units left for retailers. Adam Lewis, Hot Octopuss CEO and designer of Jett, said: “When we launched Pulse back in 2013, we sold out within the first few months – the JETT response has matched that. It totally surpassed our expectations and we’re delighted. However, we are very sorry that some retailers who were keen to stock Jett in the past month have been disappointed. We are happy to confirm that we are now very much back in stock and able to take orders.”

Retailers can order Jett directly from Hot Octopuss by emailing