Jane reaction: latest Mystim Geisha Balls now available at Scala

Posted: May 8, 2018

Scala has announced that Mystim’s new Geisha Balls are now available. There are two versions of the Kegel balls – Unplain Jane and Jane Wonda – and both are said to offer an intensive workout for the pelvic muscles. Unplain Jane has a single Kegel ball while Jane Wonda sports a pair; both Janes are made from premium silicone and feature an easy-removal stem. And as they come from Mystim it should be no surprise to learn that they also feature an electrostimulation option.

“There are lots of geisha balls, but our Jane is unique,” said Mystim. “She combines classic pelvic floor weight-training with a rotating ball and – when used with our Mystim Cluster Buster – the type of EMS training that was developed for competitive sports. That not only helps prevent or reverse incontinence, but also strengthens the pelvic floor in a truly intense and lasting way. This has been proven to increase a woman’s ability to climax. Of course, Jane can also be used as a classic e-stim toy.”

Consumers will require an e-stim device, such as the Mystim Tension Lover, to activate the poles on Unplain Jane and Jane Wonda. This e-stim device is not included and needs to be purchased separately. For more information visit www.scala-nl.com